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Mediation & Parenting Coordinating and Decision-Making


​Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) describes various non-litigious methods for resolving disputes.


Sara is a trained Mediator and Parenting Coordinator/Decision-Maker who can assist you in finding resolution outside of the courtroom.

Estate Planning,
Probate & Estate Administration

Estate planning is the process of creating a series of documents which provide instructions regarding your care if you become incapacitated and how your assets should be distributed upon your death. Sara works with clients to both create estate plans and to assist in carrying out these plans for their loved ones upon their death.

Family Law

​As a trained Collaborative Law attorney and mediator, Sara can guide you through the Collaborative Law process acting as your legal representative or the team facilitator.


Sara also provides consultation services to provide limited legal representation through hourly legal advice or drafting assistance.

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