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Unbundled or Limited Legal Representation

Sara offers Unbundled or Limited Legal Representation Services, providing hourly legal consulting services, including specific legal advice, document drafting, or second opinions on your case, without entering a formal appearance in your case.

Unbundled or Limited Legal Representation Rates-$300 per hour

Collaborative Law Services

*Sara is not currently taking new Collaborative Law cases*


Collaborative law is also becoming a popular dispute resolution option in Colorado. In the Collaborative Law model, the parties and lawyers agree in advance that the matter will stay out of court. The “Collaborative Team” often includes mental-health and financial professionals, and focuses attention on finding ways to restructure a family so that everyone involved has their needs met to the greatest extent possible. The lawyers on the team are family law attorneys with experience and specialized training in Collaborative Law, meaning they focus on problem solving and resist judging and blaming.

Collaborative Law starts with the idea that most people want to move through family law matters as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most people do not want to harm their spouse and children, they just want to change their situation from the way it is to something they believe will work better.  Collaborative Law eliminates much of the strategic game playing that often accompanies litigation, as well as the hard feelings that are created when one person has to win and the other has to lose. In the unlikely event that clients are not able to settle their cases using the Collaborative Law model, litigation attorneys can still take the case to court.

Sara has specialized in Family Law Litigation since 2001, practicing both in the greater Denver Metro Area and the mountain communities. This concentration in the area of Family Law gives her a special set of tools which allow her to effectively represent parties in all aspects of Family Law matters, such as initial dissolution/divorce cases involving complex asset division, maintenance/alimony, parenting time, child support, as well as post-decree issues and paternity issues.


As a trained Collaborative Law attorney and facilitator, Sara can assist and represent or act as the neutral team facilitator for you through all stages of the Collaborative Law process.


Collaborative Law Services Rates-$300 per hour

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